4 ways to reduce waste when installing artificial grass

When installing artificial grass you are going to have a bit of waste, it's inevitable. However, there are some tips that we will share with you in this post, not only to save you some money on your artificial grass but ways to reduce the amount of waste you have once you are finished installing your new lawn.

How to reduce waste of artificial grass

Let's take a look on ways you can ensure minimal waste when installing/ purchasing artificial grass. No one wants to spend money if they don't have to, and excess waste is grass you've paid for going in the bin. Be sure to check out our blog on how to use off-cuts.

Measure twice

Ensure you measure correctly. An incorrect measurement, will result in too much or not enough artificial grass. Having not enough is the worse of the two, as it mean a un needed join, or a whole new piece of grass. Either way It'll cost you.

Be sure to make sure not only to measure two, three or even four times. You also need to be confident that you are measuring the area correctly. We are currently writing about this so you can ensure the perfect measurement.

Bring the area in

Artificial grass comes in rolls of 2 or 4 meters wide. This means if your area is 4.1m, you will need to by a 4m and a 2m. or if the area is 2.1m wide, you will need to buy a 4m wide roll. This means if you were to bring the area in, you would only need to but one roll halving the total cost spent on grass.

This doesn’t mean you'll just have a gap (well if you do it right). You could build or expand on a current planting area. Additionally, you could create a sleeper border around your garden.

Expand the area

Just like the previous , if you only were to need 3.4m wide area  of artificial grass, you would still need to purchase a 4m wide roll. In turn, you'd have a bunch of wasted grass. Therefore, if you have the room to expand the area, you will be able to use all of the grass you have paid for.

I know this doesn't come under reducing the cost, but it fits with the theme and will help you spending money on something to go in the bin. Furthermore, if you have no room to expand the area, check out our blog on how to use your artificial grass offcuts. This will also help in reducing waste meaning you aren't throwing money away.

Account for waste and have a use for it

Have some waste is inevitable. Sometimes it isn't much, and throwing it away is no problem. However, in some cases there will be a substantial amount of waste. Accounting for the waste and having a plan before hand is paramount to help ensure that you aren't throwing away perfectly good grass.

We have written a blog on some ways to use artificial grass offcuts. Let's try to reduce waste together. At the end of the day, we have one planet and wasting our finite resources is terrible.