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Here at Artificial Grass Central, we offer a diverse and exciting grass range that caters for everyone. We have been working with manufacturers over the years, using the latest in artificial grass fibre technology to create some of the most realistic fake grasses on the market.


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Take a look at our top of the range collection of artificial grasses. The most realistic and natural looking artificial grass on the market. Premium Artificial Grass!

Who Are Artificial Grass Central

Welcome to Artificial Grass Central! If you have reached this point in our page, it's clear that you're intrigued by our products. Allow us to introduce ourselves and explain why we are your ideal choice for artificial grass.

Let's see why we are the best artificial grass store. With over 25 years of experience in the artificial grass industry, we have been here since its inception and witnessed its evolution. Throughout these 25 years, we have adapted to the changing times, curating and sourcing the perfect range of grasses, accessories, and tools.

In an industry that can be highly competitive and filled with subpar options, we stand out. Most low-quality alternatives can look inferior and fail to last over time. Our extensive tenure in the industry reflects our expertise and enables us to provide the best advice and products available on the market. We are also constantly on the lookout, and working to improve our range. We want to ensure the products we sell, are some of the best on the market.

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We now offer free samples for each artificial grass in our range. Decide what grass you like and fill in the form, and promptly receive your samples to your door. Make your grass decision easier.



I couldn't be happier with my new lawn. I wholeheartedly endorse Artificial Grass Central to anyone


We're absolutely delighted with our new lawn. The artificial grass has an astonishingly realistic appearance; it truly resembles freshly mown natural grass. I can't speak highly enough of Artificial Grass Central.


Absolutely top-notch service! Following the successful completion of my backgarden, I decided to proceed with my front garden, and the results are outstanding. I'd rate it 6/5!


Exceptional service from start to finish. I'm extremely pleased with the result of my putting green.



We have two pet grasses a 25mm and 30mm pile options which are short and durable, perfect for pet owners

Our Golf Putting 14mm grass is designed with a smooth surface is specifically designed for golf putting!

We have a Natural 42mm grass, indistinguishable from a real lawn (apart from it wont get muddy).

Pile is the word we use for the artificial grass fibres. It is similar to the blades of natural grass.

Pile direction is the direction that the grass naturally leans towards. The best appearance of artificial grass is when the pile direction is pointing towards you. Therefore, you want the pile direction of the grass to be pointing towards your house, or the area that it will be viewed from the most.

We plan to go into more detail on the term 'Astro Turf®'. For now, 'Astro Turf®' is a registered trademark of which we don't own.

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