Discover our grass range

With over 25 years of experience in the artificial grass and landscaping industry. We have learned a thing or two about artificial grass, and the differences between good and bad. We also have extensively researched and tested thousands of grasses over the years. That’s why we are bringing you Artificial Grass Central. Here you can be certain you are getting the highest quality artificial grass.


Let's look at our grass range.

Each grass has been meticulously chosen to guarantee quality. We have left no blade unturned when creating our range of superior artificial grasses. Even our budget-friendly options are of higher quality than most on the market.


Golf putting 14mm

Our Golf putting grass with a dense 14mm pile, is perfect for crafting a realistic golf green. Help improve your game with this expertly crafted putting grass. Don't forget to get a fringe as well, to create a more realistic look and feel.


Pet 25mm

Our polyurethane-backed 25mm pet grass is perfect for households where pets (and children) run wild. With its C-shaped fibres and spring back technology it can take more of a beating than most grasses. Along with durability, the polyurethane backing retains less liquid. Which is better for when your pets use the toilet. This is because the urine won't get stuck in the backing creating a foul smell.


Play 25mm

Our 25mm play grass is ideal for families schools and clubs. With its short pile, c-shaped fibres and spring-back technology. This grass can stand up to the roughest of play. Like all artificial grasses, it may need a power brush here and there, but it will require a lot less maintenance than most. Making it perfect for those high-traffic areas.


Pet 30mm

With cutting-edge technology of the micro-spine and C-shape fibres. Our Pet 30mm is our extremely durable artificial grass, that has exceptional resistance to wear. This is a darker and ever so slightly longer version of our pet 25. It also has latex backing with an abundance of drainage holes to help get rid of the urine quickly.


Play 30mm

With exceptional spring-back technology and c-shaped fibres, our Play 30mm is perfect for those high-traffic areas. Whether you have active kids, run a school or busy club our Play 30mm could be for you.  Similar to Play 25, in its durability. This grass is ever so slightly darker with 5mm more on the pile height.


Soft 35mm

If you are looking for a soft artificial grass that feels amazing underfoot or to sit on. Our soft 35mm is perfect. With its diamond-shaped fibres providing a softer finish to the grass. Whereas most artificial grass is hard and spikey this is quite the opposite. However, due to this. This grass won't stand up quite as well in those high-traffic areas, so may not be for everyone.


Eco 35mm

Ever thought about artificial grass and decided against it due to the environmental impact? Well, fear no more. Our Eco 35mm is 100% recyclable, compared to almost every other grass on the market it isn't backed with latex or polyurethane. Not only is it recyclable, but it is created from 80% recycled material. So if the environment is your reason to not go artificial and have the garden you always wanted, think again.


Deluxe 40mm

Our most prestigious grass, Deluxe 40mm. Enjoy walking around in bare feet with our Deluxe artificial grass. Its long, dense, super-soft, fibres make it the perfect lawn for families who want style and substance. There is no need to sacrifice one or the other with Deluxe, kids will be safe and comfortable whilst your garden looks flawless all year round. You will never want to leave!


Natural 42mm

Our Natural artificial grass is our most luscious, premium product, that sits proudly at the top of our range. It has a dense, multidirectional pile to provide the ultimate combination of feel and performance. Get lost in this mix of fibres, going in all different directions, which allows the lawn to blend in with its surroundings and give gardens that rustic, natural vibe.


Golf Fringe 42mm

Elevate your putting green experience with our premium 42mm pile golf fringe for artificial putting greens. Designed to replicate the look and feel of a natural golf course fringe, this meticulously crafted turf is the perfect addition to enhance your practice area. Its lush, 42mm pile height provides a realistic surface that beautifully complements your putting green, ensuring a seamless transition from fairway to fringe.

Coloured Artificial Grass

We currently stock white artificial grass which is a 4G artificial grass product but manufactured with all white fibres. It is short in height at 25mm so can be used in conjunction with our play 25mm grass. Great for playgrounds to create shapes and features. It can also be used in more creative or decorative ways to help things stand out. We also sell artificial grass white lines which are pre-cut sections of our white grass that are used as line markings in sports pitches. 

We do not currently stock other colours of artificial grass so you wont find them in our product range, however if you need some, get in touch as we can source some as a special order. 


Now you have seen all of our grasses and learned a bit about them. It should help with your decision. If not, send us a message we will happily help you out with your choice of grass where possible.