5 ways to use artificial grass offcuts

With installing artificial grass, the worst part is the waste. No one likes to pay for things that are going to end up in the bin. With installing artificial grass, like carpet, there is bound to be waste. There are a few ways on the install you can go about minifying waste, but in this post, we will look at ways to use your offcuts.


How to have less waste


Fairway mats


This one is very specific, but if you are, or know a golfer. Giving them your offcuts is a great way to use up some of that waste artificial grass. To explain what a fairway mat is; In winter golf courses don’t permit members to hit off the fairway as it will ruin the course. This means golfers need to get fairway mats.


Some fairway mats are made with a rubber backing, making them heavy duty so they are more stable, but this isn't completely necessary. That’s this is way one to save on waste. If you have a lot of waste why not create a bunch and sell them on E bay, especially if it's coming into the colder months.


Chemical testing


If you have artificial grass, maintaining it is the best way to make it last and look good for a long time. In addition to this, weeds may start to grow around the edges, or in the grass from birds dropping seeds. So we recommend using weed killers.


Some are suitable to spray on the grass, but certain chemicals may ruin or harm your artificial grass. This is why we also recommend keeping some offcuts for testing. Get the chemicals and put a good amount on the offcut. This will help to ensure that the chemical you use won't ruin your grass.




Maybe not for your front door, but a backdoor, or shed could be a good place for this. If you have a big enough offcut. Cutting it to size, may be a great way to create a doormat to wipe your feet before coming into the house or your shed.


Not only will this give you another use to not chuck that grass you paid for away, but it will help to wipe your feet before you come in the house. Now I know you won't have much mud because of your new stunning artificial lawn, but plant beds or a patio or if you walk in through the back gate. There are many reasons mud could still get trailed in.


Sell it


People are always looking for cheap artificial grass. Whether it be dog homes or people who just need a small amount. Not only that, but it's what we do. When we have a small off cut or roll end, we put it on eBay and factbook market place. This is usually a quick sale of a piece that’s not a size that we can sell on our website.


Christmas Tree Mat


A small offcut of artificial grass looks great underneath Christmas trees as a Christmas tree mat. As well as looking great, if you have a real tree it can help keep your living room clean and tidy by catching the needles as they fall. You can spray your tree and base with fake snow without worrying about damaging your carpet or flooring. Once Christmas is done you can roll it up and store it with your tree and use it every year. If you don't have any offcuts yourself, you can buy a pre cut Christmas tree mat here. 


Wrap your car (this is a joke, but it's been done)


Give your car a cool new look. Obviously we aren't being 100% on this on, but I have seen artificial grass wrapped cars driving around before. If you have an old banger of a car, it may be a bit of fun to wrap it in grass. Just be sure not to wrap the bonnet. As the engine heats it up, it may melt the grass.


If you do decide to wrap your car in artificial grass (on your own accord), please send us a photo on Instagram.