What not to do with (or on) artificial grass

Artificial grass is great. It can make life easier and your beloved outdoor space useable all year round. However there are some things with artificial grass that you just can't… well shouldn't do. In this post we are going to outline the things that can't be done with artificial grass.

Yes we talk about its benefits a lot, but nothing is perfect, and there are some downsides compared to a normal lawn. We want to help you find what's right for you, not just make money… Obviously that’s a perk of selling things though.

What you shouldn't do with or on artificial grass

No Fire

This first one may come as a shock to you, but plastic grass and flames don’t mix very well. Now, it probably won't burst in to flames, but it will melt. Having BBQ's, fires or smoking on artificial grass is not ideal, that’s why most people have patios too. Having a patio, or some area without artificial grass allows you to still BBQ or smoke outdoors without the worry of damaging your grass, just watch out for flying sparks or embers.

No Vehicles

Most vehicles will be too heavy or be too quick to comfortably drive on artificial grass without breaking the fibres, or cause it to ripple as you drive. Things like wheel barrows or children's bikes and trikes will be fine, it’s the bigger items such as a motorbike, cars or quad bikes.

No Mirrors or anything reflective

Having reflective things in your garden such as mirrors or reflective decorative balls can be a hazard to your grass. How you may be wondering. The light refracts off the mirror onto the grass causing it to get extremely hot and could burn a hole through your artificial grass.

No Bleach, or harsh chemicals

While chemicals tend to be fine with artificial grass, not all of them are. You have to be careful or you may ruin your lovely artificial grass lawn. Our best recommendation for untested chemicals is simple. If you have an offcut from your install, use that to test the chemical before use. Never directly apply chemicals if you aren't sure. Additionally, if you don't have any offcuts, reach out to the company you bought your grass from, and ask if they wouldn't mind sending you a sample to test cleaning chemicals.

Don't Rake artificial grass

While removing leaves from artificial grass is recommended, as to not let the matter embed in the pile promoting growth of weeds, moss, and algae. However, we do not recommend using a rake to remove the leaves. You may be asking why, and I'll tell you…

With rakes being stiff and sometimes sharp to, they can scrape the backing of the artificial grass along with breaking fibres. Instead we recommend using a power brush or stiff yard brush to remove any leaves, well any debris for that matter.

No lawn mowers

You'd be surprised, but we have actually had people mow their artificial grass, I know crazy. We wish we didn't have to write this either. We also believe it needs no explanation to why we would suggest agenised doing it.

No heavy items

Heavy items will flatten your artificial grass and in some cases break it. If your grass gets flattered, that’s fine, you'll be able to brush it up. However, overly heavy items may destroy the pile of your artificial grass. Damaging your new artificial grass is a great way to upset the bank account. So if you do have something heavy, maybe keep that on the drive, patio or in your house.

No Football studs

Obviously football studs are big spikes on your feet made for keeping you upright on the grass, they do this by stabbing into the mud. Wearing the same things on artificial grass, you guessed it, it may stab through the backing , meaning you now have lovely holes in your artificial grass. Not only that, a place for plats to grow too. So please, avoid pointy objects on your artificial grass. You can buy artificial grass football boots.

Now you know what not to do

Now that you have read this blog, you should know exactly what not to do with artificial grass. We hope we get no one reaching out to us about any issues caused by the above. We have warned you. You don't have to be scared to use your artificial lawn, just have some common sense with it and it will last you a long time.