10 tips for maintaining your artificial grass

Having artificial grass is guaranteed to make life a bit easier. It is extremely low maintenance. In this blog, we will detail the best ways to look after your artificial grass lawn and keep it looking new for longer. After all, who wouldn’t want the lawn to look amazing all year round for years to come?

I'm sure you have sat there thinking about how easy life will be with your artificial lawn. Don't get too comfortable. It is easier than a usual grass lawn. However, to keep your grass lasting for a while, following these ten maintenance ideas will keep your new artificial lawn looking great for longer.


10 Steps to a luscious lawn with a long life!


  1. Simply put,  don’t ride cars or motorbikes over your artificial grass. Wheelchairs and wheelbarrows are fine.
  2. Be careful with chewing gum. It will cause lots of problems if it gets on your artificial grass.
  3. As with lawns in general, keep an eye out for sharp objects such as glass, as it could tear the artificial grass.
  4. Fire.  This one may not be so obvious if your previous lawn was natural grass, but bonfires, cigarette ash and fireworks can damage the surface, so keep well away.
  5. As for BBQs… keep them on a patio with enough distance from the artificial lawn.
  6. If you do get marks on your lawn, work quickly to remove them.  Use washing-up liquid dissolved into warm water to create a soapy mix.  Mineral spirits might be used for more stubborn stains.
  7. You shouldn’t have any issues with weeds in your artificial lawn, but certain strong ones may poke through.  Furthermore, ensure that you always keep your lawn free of weeds and surface debris. Such as fallen leaves, which can mulch down and lead to the build-up of organic material within the lawn, thereby affecting drainage. Rotten leaves can also assist weed growth, so make sure all weeds are removed with a water-based weed treatment.
  8. Many owners of artificial grass have pets – it’s an ideal garden solution for animals. However, ensure you always clear up their poo as soon as you notice it.
  9. Brush the lawn. Especially regularly during the first two months, as the lawn beds in and settles. After that it should be brushed once a month, against the pile, to ensure that the turf is lush and bouncy, whilst also encouraging it to stand upright.
  10. Artificial grass is great for sports such as football. If the artificial surface is for sports use, regularly hose it down to stop the impact of sweat, skin or even blood.

Keeping the artificial lawn looking good is simple, but doing little bits of maintenance often will create an environment for your grass to look amazing for years to come. If  you look after your grass, it will look after you.