New grass for a new build

The current landscape of the housing market is witnessing a surge in new build properties, as numerous housing estates emerge across the United Kingdom. The allure of settling into a freshly constructed, contemporary dwelling is undeniable. However, this rapid pace of property development has often resulted in compromised garden spaces. This is precisely where the introduction of artificial grass within newly built properties steps in to provide a solution.


Many homebuyers find themselves confronted with gardens characterized by muddy clay or vast expanses of soil. Although developers occasionally lay turf in these areas, the underlying subpar conditions frequently lead to the demise of the grass. Consequently, homeowners are compelled to invest substantial amounts in replanting new turf every few months, only to witness its eventual demise once more. In certain instances, the garden space isn't even included in the property's price, leaving homeowners responsible for its cultivation post-move.


New homes are filled with issues


The majority of new builds have inadequate drainage, often leaving a persistently soggy, clay-like soil that never leaves. Leaving an inadequate foundation is unsuitable for natural grass to flourish. Installing artificial grass in newly built properties addresses these issues head-on by incorporating proper precautions and effective drainage systems, ensuring the endurance of a lush lawn throughout the year.


In recent months, we've been inundated with inquiries from customers seeking the benefits of artificial grass. This includes individuals who have already relocated and homeowners awaiting the completion of their properties.


Furthermore, for those who secure a property before its garden is developed, a strategic move might involve requesting the garden be prepared with MOT stone. Opting for this approach streamlines the artificial grass installation process. If the area is left with excessive soil, additional manpower and time would be needed to excavate and dispose of the soil resulting in a higher cost. Incorporating MOT stone makes for a more budget-friendly and efficient installation process.


Artificial grass will save you time and money


Artificial grass presents an appealing prospect with its contemporary appearance and minimal maintenance requirements. This resilient ground covering enables children to frolic in the garden regardless of rain, while pet owners appreciate the convenience of a mud-free environment. As a durable, long-lasting, and easy-to-maintain product, artificial grass brings boundless delight to new homeowners. Recognizing the significance of a well-kept garden, many individuals deem its appearance as important as the interior of the house itself. Embrace the opportunity to have your garden mirror the immaculateness of your new home, with only a fraction of the effort.


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