10 money saving gardening ideas!

Gardening often comes with a hefty price tag, with a long list of "must-haves" for those aspiring to be master gardeners. Yet, we beg to differ. Gardening doesn't have to be a drain on your wallet. It can be a delightful pastime that's both budget-friendly and enjoyable for all.


In this article, we'll uncover 10 strategies for gardening on a budget. So you can savour more moments of joy and worry less about expenses.


10 Clever Hacks for Budget-Friendly Gardening


  1. Start by stepping into your garden and taking a thorough look around. Identify any struggling plants and brainstorm ways to revive them. Sometimes, a generous dose of water and nutrients or a strategic relocation is all they need to thrive once more.


  1. Moreover, if some plants are languishing, don't hesitate to say goodbye. Life's too short to prop up plants that can't flourish. This advice especially holds for those with limited garden space. Your garden should be your oasis, not a rehabilitation centre for dying plants.


  1. Don't rely solely on your eyesight. Experts recommend capturing the garden through photographs. Reviewing these snaps will aid in designing your garden and reveal things you might have missed.


  1. Contemplate which plants could benefit from division. Certain varieties like geraniums and grasses tend to flourish when split and replanted, allowing your garden to evolve organically


  1. Skip the pricey garden centres and consider planting from scratch. Fresh seeds often outperform store-bought ones. Venture out to your garden and identify self-propagating seeds to get your hands dirty with. Here is a great article on growing plants from scratch.


  1. Ensure each plant is properly labelled. Unless you're a botanical expert, implement a labelling system to maintain order in your garden.


  1. Once you've mastered the labelling game, consider trading plants with fellow gardeners. A simple cutting from your garden swapped for a complementary plant from theirs makes for a cost-free and delightful method of expanding your outdoor haven.


  1. Composting is the ultimate freebie. Save your kitchen scraps like veggie peels and fruit skins instead of tossing them. Accumulate them in a container, then transfer them to a compost heap (crafted from old pallets or purchased). A periodic turn will yield nutrient-rich compost, great for plant growth.


  1. Evaluate your garden borders. If there are gaps in your planting, temporarily shift a potted plant to fill the void. While a more permanent solution might be in the works, this quick fix brings balance to your borders.


  1. Finally, maintain a tidy lawn. Or better yet, bid adieu to lawnmowers altogether. If your wild lawn proves unmanageable, consider replacing it with stunning grass from Artificial Grass Central.


Installing artificial grass may be the best decision you will make for your garden. We have a wide range of grasses that can suite any garden. Check out our featured products.