4 Landscaping ideas to do with Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is being used more and more in residential landscaping work. When working on your garden, artificial grass is a great low-maintenance option. In this post, we are going to showcase some of our favourite ways to use artificial grass when redoing your garden.


Artificial Grass Landscaping Idea no 1: Sleepers 


Sleepers, also known as garden, or railway sleepers, are traditionally used for laying railways… I know, surprising right, but are now commonly used in landscaping, adding great texture and levels to your garden. You can also use them to make steps.


They're a great way to put a border around your lawn too. We recommend using them to retain walls, add dimension to your gardens or even create planters. Have a look through all of the creative ways sleepers can add to your landscaping and elevate your garden. 


Check out this page on sleepers to learn more.


Artificial Grass Landscaping Idea no 2: Sports 


Once upon a time, having a putting green nestled in your garden was a distant aspiration reserved for die-hard golf aficionados. Yet, in the present day, thanks to the wonders of artificial grass and a touch of ingenuity, turning that dream into reality has never been simpler. Transforming your outdoor space into a personal putting green might not resonate with everyone, especially if your partner isn't a golf enthusiast themselves. But what they might not grasp is that for you, it's more than just a hobby – it's a way of life.


You can’t have the perfect putting green without the perfect grass, so the first thing we need to know is what is the best artificial grass to use for your putting green... It probably comes as no surprise, but we think ours is the best! Golfers will know how a change in the grass can lead to a change in play, so artificial grass is a great way to go!


Artificial Grass Landscaping Idea no 3: Children’s Play Areas


Children's games tend to get a bit messy, often returning covered in mud – that's just the way it goes. But fear not, for there's a nifty solution: artificial grass. It's like having a pristine play zone that spares you from dealing with the mud pit aftermath. According to the experts, even just 6 hours of playtime can take a toll on a natural lawn, causing damage that's hard to ignore. And if it doesn't get the chance to recuperate, well, you might end up with a garden resembling a swamp. Spare yourself the hassle of having your home turned upside down by mucky kids!


Most children like to play in their gardens. However, the lawn damage from ball games is the worst, especially things like muddy patches from where the grass has worn down and no longer grows back. If you are having constant issues with your lawn, it may be time to consider an artificial solution from Artificial Grass Central.  


Artificial grass is also great to use under climbing frames or use offcuts for a Playhouse. Artificial grass is soft and mess-free making it perfect for your kids to play on… it also takes a lot to damage it. Artificial grass is a great way to combat unwanted messy play.


Artificial Grass Landscaping Idea no 4: Levels 


Opting for artificial grass is a brilliant way to enhance your little garden, as it remains subject to weather and potential harm. The struggle of dealing with muddied, uneven, or unkempt grass making a small garden seem even smaller is a thing of the past. Enter artificial grass, artificial grass is a great way to turn your small and muddy lawn into a haven.


Using artificial grass allows you to create a sense of spaciousness in your garden. Giving attention where it is needed to make your small garden a beautiful space to enjoy.


When choosing that right grass can be tough. That’s why here at Artificial Grass Central, we have named all our products accordingly with their most prominent use. This is to make it easier for you to choose the right grass for your garden. Alternatively get in touch and we will do our best to answer any questions.