Improve your families quality time with artificial grass

Quality time with the whole family in the garden is a sure fire way to create special and long lasting memories for you and your children. What more could you want with your garden? But what about the mud and the mess. Spending time in a natural garden can just be more trouble than it's worth. They won't be fun memories if you end up spending your next day cleaning up a mess that’s been made.


Now like our name suggests, we specialise in Artificial Grass. The low maintenance, cleaner option to having a natural lawn. With artificial grass, you can create those amazing lasting memories with none of the mess. Let's take a look at what you can do with artificial grass.


Create memories with these garden activities



On a lovely summers day, nothing beats a picnic. Going into the garden and spending some time with the family having fun playing games and most importantly eating food. Just picture this, 'been raining for a few days prior and the ground is still soaked you also didn’t mow the lawn. That’s that great idea ruined. Instead you just stay inside.


However, there is a solution for this. That is artificial grass. With artificial grass, there is no mud no mess and most importantly no mowing. Having artificial grass you also won't need a picnic blanket, you can plonk yourself straight down onto the grass (it fells really soft too so it's nice to walk on with bare feet also.


I have fond memories of picnics as a child, but I also remember the times we couldn’t have them because of the wet gras or un-mowed lawn. If only we had artificial grass, so many more great memories could have been created.


Ball Games

Ball games is a huge category we know. But weather you play football or catch, doing it in a muddy messy garden isn't ideal. It makes you not want to play outside. I'm sure we can all remember playing out or being told its too muddy to go and play outside. However, this is a moot point when you have artificial grass.


No longer worry about missing out on playing with your kids while they are young, with artificial grass, you can make amazing memories even if it is a bit wet outside as there will still be no mess.


Play tag

Tag is a great game, I am sure we all have fond memories of playing it as a kid. And young kids especially love to just run around, but you can't always due this due to the natural limitations that come with natural grass. Havin fake turf means all year round you can play tag (or just have zoomies) with your kid


Treasure hunt

Whether it be Easter or just you have a day at home and want to do something fun a treasure hunt is a great way to kill some time while having fun. Get your kids to wait in their room and go and hide some treasures for them to find. And to make it even more fun add some clues for them to find before they find the real treasure.


But oh no, the garden is a state so you will have to contain it in the house. Even though, that tree or planter would have been a perfect place to hide a clue or the treasure. Maybe if you had artificial, you would be able to create an amazing immersive treasure hunt throughout the whole house. I'm sure not only would it be great fun, you and your children would reminisce how amazing doing things like that was in the future.


Play in bad weather with no mess


We have given you some great ideas and things to do with your family. All of them heavily advanced by having that new install of artificial grass. Take a look at our family grasses as these are perfect for high traffic areas, but if you want something that is a bit cheaper and feels amazing under foot, also take a look out our Soft 35mm.