How to save money when getting someone to install your artificial grass

Getting artificial grass installed can be very costly. The cost of an average install from a good company comes in at around £3200 (this is very size, conditions and size dependant). However, if you be smart, there are many ways in which you can reduce the cost of getting artificial grass installed.


We have written about the cost of artificial grass so make sure to check that out to give a better understanding of the costs and process involved with it. We want to give you a few ways to help bring the cost of an install down.


Ways to reduce the cost of an artificial grass installation


  1. Get your grass from a third party (Like Us). Most companies will add some type of margin onto the grass they get for you. This means that if you get procure the grass yourself, you will most likely be able to save on that.  You will also be able to choose a cheaper grass, especially if it's being installed by a landscaper as they often use only the one type of grass for all installs and dong give much choice to the customer.


  1. Dig off the area. One of the biggest time consumers for an artificial grass installation is the dig off. If you have a large enough area, the dig off and levelling of your garden could add a few days onto the job which will result in huge costs.


  1. A bit more of a unique one, to follow on from the above. If you are purchasing a new build, and are sure you want to get artificial grass, request the company leave your garden without any turf on it. This could even save a bit on the cost of your house. It also means you don't need to do the dig off yourself.


  1. Go for a timber edging (if possible). Most companies automatically will use a composite edging when installing artificial nowadays. However, this tends to hike the cost compared to timber. If applicable (no curves) a timber edging is just as good. If you have curves and straight edges, you could even consider mixing the two edging types to save a bit.


  1. Your grass choice will ultimately be a huge one. If you do have a few grasses to choose from, this can hugely affect your price. For instance, our most expensive grass is £25 per sqm compared to £15 per sqm for our cheapest option.


In conclusion, if you really plan it well, and make smart decisions and put in a bit of work yourself. You will be able to save a lot and make the install of your new artificial grass garden affordable. We have one last money saver for you. Look at the top of the page to DIY. In the drop down is everything you'll need for a full install. From choosing the right grass to measuring, installing and joins. Why not installing it yourself? It'll save you thousands