How much does artificial grass cost

How much will artificial grass actually set you back? In this post we will be taking a deep dive into the world of finances and artificial grass. From installing it yourself, to getting someone in to install it for you. We will start off by saying, having it done properly isn't cheap.

We have also written about ways to save, use offcuts and reduce waste. Ensure to check them all out, as they may help if you do decide to get artificial grass in your garden.

How much does artificial grass cost

There are a lot of costs that can come with artificial grass, and a lot of ways that can help reduce the cost. In a later post, we will also look at ways to reduce the cost of an artificial grass installation

The grass choice*

When choosing the right artificial grass for you, one of the biggest thing that can affect the price of your new garden. Our artificial grass ranges from  £15 per sqm being the cheapest and £30 per sqm being our most expensive (for residential use). However our golf tee grass reaches £70 per sqm.

With the average garden size in the UK being roughly 30sqm. That’s a difference of £450 just on the grass choice alone. That’s a huge amount of money.


With an extra £450 could buy:

  • Groceries for 6 weeks (based on the UK average for 2 people) with £6 left over
  • Samsung Galaxy A54 5G £449.99
  • Amazon fire 50" TV £427.25
  • Just shy of a 12 month phone contract (£456 based on UK average)


You probably get the point, £450 is a lot of difference. If your bill is coming out too high, maybe go for a cheaper option. Alternatively, if the bill is lower than expected, I guess it doesn't matter which grass you choose.

The size

Obviously the size of the area will come into play. Let's look at a simple 4x7.5 (30sqm) the average garden size. With one piece of grass fully installed with a proper base and everything done (this is a rough estimate of getting someone to install).

Assuming you have good access to the area and a straight forward dig off, as all this things can change the cost. Below is a rough overview of what most installers in the UK will charge.

Grass cost*

Budget Range: Soft 30mm, £450

Mid-Range: Eco 35mm, £540

Premium Range: Natural 42mm, £900

We then got a quote for a local company to install this and it would add about £1800-£1900 to the cost (excluding skip hire).

If you go for installing it yourself, the cost will be greatly reduced as it will be at cost price. Doing it yourself could bring the cost down as much as £1100 (excluding grass). Now that is a huge amount of money.  I'm not going to look at what £1100 like I did for the grass. However, it's close to 18 weeks of groceries for 2 people.

Conclusion - Better or worse than you thought?

We know there is a lot to factor in when working out the cost of installing artificial grass. If you want artificial grass, but the cost is just too much after using this guide. May we suggest checking out our blogs on reducing the cost of artificial grass, along with our post on using offcuts. These may help with the cost a little.

Additionally, if you are getting a company to do the install for you. Ask them if they can make it cheaper. Maybe they can do timber instead of composite edging or they may have a cheaper grass option.


Be sure to also check out our how to install artificial grass post. This will help you know exactly what materials you will need for the install (assuming that you are doing it yourself).


*All costing based on prices as of November 2023