Helping wildlife flourish in your artificial grass garden

Most people's main argument against artificial grass (besides the environmental impact) , is wildlife. Commonly that if you have artificial grass, you will no longer have animals utilising your outdoor space. We are here to tell you that That's wrong. You can have a beautiful low maintenance artificial garden, whilst still boasting amazing spaces for wildlife to flourish and develop thanks to your outdoor space.


How to help wildlife thrive in your artificial grass garden


The best way to promote wildlife into your garden is by not only providing nutrients (however this will do), but providing shelter too. Let's take a look at some of the best ways that we are able to add things into your garden that will provide nutrients to the animals. Along with ways in which we can create shelter for the animals too.


Shelter Ideas


There are countless ways you can make shelters for all sorts of animals to bring a diverse range into your garden. From building little bird ponds and insect hotels, to adding a lovely raised bed that is great for both shelter and nutrition for the wildlife. If you plan ahead, you could even install your own little pond. This will surely help promote wildlife coming to your garden.


Our favourite for shelters would definingly be a mix of the insect hotel and a raised bed. This is because you can hide the hotel in the bed and you also have all of the plants you are growing that animals can use for shelter too. Along with the above mentioned nutrients they can receive by snacking on your plants.




Nutrition ideas


Pretty much covered in the above, planters are a great way to add not only colour and life to your garden, but can be a great source of nutrients for wildlife too. You could even put up a small bird table in your garden. These can be made or bought from a garden centre or online. Then not only are you feeding the birds, but you can get some amazing bird watching in too.


We also encourage you to take a read of this blog for some more in-depth ways of bringing wildlife into your gardens.


Here are some animals you may see if you do the above!


European hedgehog

Mice - Wood Mouse, House Mouse

Voles - Bank Vole, Field Vole

Shrews - Common Shrew, Pygmy Shrew







Those are just to name a few of the plethora of animals that you may spot if you create some shelter and introduce animal food into your garden. So, we can still have a beautiful luscious green lawn year round that requires little maintenance and still be able to host a huge verity of wildlife. Don't let the thought of wildlife avoiding your garden put you off artificial grass. You just have to find ways to still accommodate for the wildlife. Below are a few gardens that have used our grass and still have areas for wildlife to flourish.


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