Do's and don'ts with artificial grass this winter

We hear a lot of different things about caring for your artificial lawn, getting a new artificial lawn, and just what to do in winter with artificial grass. There are a few do's and don'ts. After you finish this post, you will be a winter artificial grass expert.


Can you install over winter

This is the one we hear the most. Is it okay to install artificial grass in winter? And if so, what's the best way to do it. We understand that most landscaping tasks get avoided over winter, but getting a new artificial lawn doesn't need to be one.

In fact, it's better to do it in winter. This is because a lot of companies that do installation struggle to get jobs over the winter so they lower their prices to get the job (It's even cheaper if you get the grass yourself from us they'll add a bit on top). The lead times drop a lot as well, so whereas in February you may be waiting a month for the install, over December you may only wait a week or 2.

If you are installing it yourself, allow for a bit extra time as frozen ground is particularly difficult to dig up… It's like concrete. The above freezing days are best for the dig off.


How to care for the grass over winter

First of all, now all the leaves and seeds have fallen, it is paramount you remove as much debris of your artificial grass. If you were to leaf it (pun fully intended), the leaved will start to decay and embed into your grass. This will promote the growth of weeds moss and algae. Which in most cases, means a large cost to replace your grass, which no one wants to find out they have to pay going into summer.

You also need to be careful when cleaning it however. We know a power brush may seem like the easy way, but due to the thick bristles and high RPM of the motor.  If your garden is frozen over, there is a good chance you could break the fibres.


Will the cold damage my artificial grass?

The simple answer is no. I know what you are thinking "above you said a power brush may break the fibres". You'd be correct, but you walking on the artificial grass, won't put anywhere near the same amount of pressure on it as a power brush will. Additionally, children playing and pets running on the grass will also NOT damage your artificial lawn.