How artificial grass can increase your properties value

Any homeowner worth their salt knows that increasing the value of your property is always a savvy move. Who wouldn't want more bang for their buck? When it comes to remodelling your home or sprucing up your garden, chances are it'll give your property a boost in value. But here's the twist: Does it matter if you opt for artificial or natural turf when it comes to landscaping? Well, artificial grass can do wonders for your home's value in a variety of ways. Fear not, we're about to dive into the juicy details.


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Here's a snapshot of a spacious garden that used artificial grass to up its value game.


Now, let's address the big question: Does artificial grass increase property value? Whether you're planning a garden makeover just for your enjoyment, thinking of long-term investments, or gearing up to sell and want those extra pounds, enhancing your garden can be a game-changer. A recent study by the Post Office revealed that homeowners can boost their property's value by an average of 77% through a well-landscaped garden. Mind-blowing, right? And here's the real kicker: the same study concluded that newly landscaped gardens and revamped kitchens add the most value to your property. Imagine this – by investing just £2,750 in your garden, you could potentially turn a £250,000 property into a £442,500 gem.


On a side note – for those of you who may be wondering – spending £7,500 on a new kitchen can still add a hefty 26% to your home's value. But why not spend a third of that amount and potentially triple your returns? We think the choice is pretty clear.


So, landscaping your garden can be a massive win, and investing in artificial grass might just be the golden ticket to increasing your home's value. However, there's the ultimate question: "Will potential buyers fancy it?" Well, artificial grass may not tickle everyone's fancy; it often boils down to personal preference. But as we mentioned earlier, some artificial grass varieties look so real that people are genuinely surprised they can get that natural grass look without any of the maintenance hassles. Plus, it's worth noting that a messy, neglected garden can detract from your home's value.



How will it add value?


So we've established that a new garden can boost your property's value. But how you ask, does artificial grass specifically contribute to this value-boosting endeavour? For starters, it always looks great – all the time. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn't grow, so it stays picture-perfect 24/7.

You'll have a photo-ready garden year-round, making you the envy of potential buyers. We've all seen those unruly, neglected lawns, and let's be real, taming those overgrown jungles can be a daunting task when moving into a new place.   Another key point: When you invest in artificial grass, it often comes as part of a comprehensive garden design package. And nothing completes a property like a well-designed garden – even if the house needs a little TLC.

The advancements in artificial grass design are nothing short of remarkable. Investing in one of our premier products means your artificial turf can look as natural as the real deal – only better!  And here's the kicker – fewer future problems. By sprucing up your garden with premium grasses like Deluxe 40mm pile and Natural 42mm pile, you get a natural-looking lawn without the upkeep. Professional installation ensures that the groundwork is porous, allowing water to flow through, and eliminating any waterlogged areas. That's future-proofing your garden, and that, my friends, adds significant value.    

Got a slightly shabby patio? No worries – throw some artificial grass on it! Artificial grass can be laid on any surface, transforming even the most neglected outdoor spaces. Whether you're designing a small garden or revamping a paved area, it's never been easier. You can turn an eyesore into a feature that complements the beauty of your home. By adding some greenery to create an outdoor paradise, you're instantly boosting your property's value.



Selling your house


Now, you might be wondering how to showcase your artificial lawn to prospective buyers. Not everyone may immediately embrace the idea, but fear not – there are clever tricks to highlight the benefits of your artificial grass.


If you have pets, here's a fantastic selling point: artificial grass doesn't discolour or get damaged by your furry friends, unlike real grass. This is a significant advantage. Just toss a few chew toys on the lawn, and perhaps have a cute dog around to seal the deal.


And if you have kids, artificial grass is a dream come true. It's child-friendly and virtually indestructible. No patches from overplay, no mud or sludge – your kids can romp around, and your lawn will still look perfect. Leave a ball in the garden or something similar to demonstrate the durability to potential buyers.


Selling in winter? Here's a game-changer: artificial grass looks fantastic all year round. Unlike natural lawns that wither in the harsh winter months, your artificial grass will remain lush and green. If you're showcasing your home during the chilly season, make your garden a standout feature with fairy lights, up-lighting, or tree lighting. These touches will show prospective buyers that your artificial lawn stays beautiful, no matter the weather.


But what if it's summer, and you have no pets or kids? No problem! Artificial grass still has a slew of advantages. The UK's occasional summer rain means your artificial lawn won't dry out like real grass. But that's not all – beautify your garden with large planters filled with gorgeous flowers. Create an inviting outdoor space with stylish outdoor furniture, outdoor lighting, and planters. This demonstrates that your garden is a vibrant, welcoming oasis, despite the grass being artificial. Bonus: The grass won't get ruined by placing these items on it – another major win.


In the end, while artificial grass may not be everyone's top choice, it offers undeniable advantages that shouldn't be overlooked. Highlighting these benefits can sway buyers to see your new, beautiful garden as a massive selling point, even if the grass is artificial.



If you're ready to make the leap and invest in your garden – whether it's for your enjoyment, to boost your property's value, or for selling purposes – artificial grass is the way to go! Check out our gallery to see just how stunning artificial grass can look. For more information on prices and any other inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out – we're always here to answer your questions.