Artificial grass can help toilet train your dog

If you have a dog, I guarantee you have struggled toilet training them. Undoubtedly, your dog may have made a mess in the house. Hopefully not too often for your sanity. Not only that, but the acidity of urine can ruin your garden too.


Even when a dog goes to the toilet outside, as mentioned above the acidity of urine can and will ruin your lawn. I know first hand that my neat lawn went to a patchy and muddy mess from just one little dog. There is one way I'm sure you can guess to combat this issue…


Artificial Grass. Now, you don’t even have to cover the whole garden or spend thousands on an install. You can simply train your dog to go on the artificial grass, we recommend a small piece of Pet 25mm or an offcut. Doing this will help keep your garden fresh. (There is always the option to just be done with a grass lawn and go artificial). It's so much easier and less hassle.


Make your dog toilet out of Artificial Grass


There are pet toilets on the market, but they are so expensive for what they are. Why not save a bit of money and spend a little time creating one yourself? Who knows this could be a way to make some extra cash on eBay or Etsy.


You can make a DIY pet toilet easily. Simply buy, or construct a wooden box base (an old wooden palette will work great for this), line it with a liquid-resistant material like plastic sheeting and then place some artificial grass over the top. It's that simple. You now have a pet potty perfect for your furry friend.



Indoor Artificial grass litter area


If your dog (or cat), struggles with relieving themselves outdoors. You may consider creating an indoor litter area for them to do their business.


These setups are ideal for pets who may find traditional plastic litter trays confusing or have specific preferences regarding where they do their business. Artificial grass presents an excellent solution, offering a soft and highly durable surface.


How to train your dog to use the Artificial Grass toilet


Teaching your pet to use an artificial grass toilet can be simple. Those synthetic grass fibres are made to mimic the real deal.


In many ways, it's kind of like training your pet to sit. You know the drill. Positive reinforcement with a ton of treats. Stick to those, and your dog will be trained in no time. To start off, get your pet on top of the grass spot when they're most likely to do their business. Remember, dogs usually get to go after a nap, dinner time, or playtime.


Hang out with your buddy on the artificial grass toilet until they do their thing, then shower them with praise. Rinse and repeat.


Keep in mind that this process is smoother with a puppy. If you're working with an older dog, it might take a bit longer, but they can definitely pick up some new tricks.